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    Emmure, Comeback Kid and POLAR, yesssss.
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    If anyone’s super bored and needs a laugh, read through the comments on the Ghostfest Facebook page. One guy complained...
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    I wish I was going to this for Defeater. Unfortunately I’m not going to England until the end of August.
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    might be going to this also just waiting for more bands to be put on it the UK bands are the great the american not so...
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    How much is this? I want to see Defeater so much it hurts
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    mehhhh all shall perish/polar/defeater/continents for me
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    need to go to this purely for Emmure again.
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    Quality lineup! Anyone else going??
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    this is also looking great
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    This looks alright, except Emmure are fucking dire.
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    looks like i’m not bothering with crucial fest again this year.
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    Looks absolutely wank. Hope to fuck some decent bands get on the bill, any/all of these would be nice; BWP, Cruel hand,...
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    pretty average. 3 stages sounds pretty cool though. hopefully that means more bands if they need an extra stage? hoping...
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    Not sold yet on this!
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